About the owner

Michael J. Dixon is a Member of N.S.L.G.A. and the Cornell Cooperative Extension. He has an Associates Degree in Horticulture from SUNY Farmingdale. He has been in business since 1991 and continues to attend numerous trade shows and seminars throughout the year. As the owner, Michael still supervises all landscape projects and is a licensed pesticide applicator.

You can email him at: info@michaeljlandscaping.com

About the company

All crews are fully supervised with an english speaking foreman. All crew members are neat and courteous with full radio dispatched trucks. We take pride in our work. We are fully licensed and insured and all of our equipment is new and constantly updated. The trucks are always clean with our logo and phone number fully visible at all times.

Phone: (631) 321-1888 • Fax:(631) 321-1887