Michael J. Landscaping is a professional landscaping company that has been serving the Bay Shore area since 1991. Bay Shore Town ensures its attraction through the Bay Shore Beautification Society, having updated some of its parks as recent as 2010. The Town of Bay Shore is proud of its homes appearances and is current on its visual appeal. Michael J. Landscaping has the capability to achieve the level of detail and professionalism that homes in Bay Shore are known for.

With the installation of a state of the art irrigation system custom to your needs, Michael J. Landscaping can ensure that your lawn and garden are getting the attention they need to flourish. Our fine tuned “Green Thumb” will make sure your system is optimized for efficient usage.

Our experienced paving team can design your dream driveway exactly the way you want it. Specializing in cobblestone, cement, and brick driveways, our team can deliver the project with efficiency and professionalism.

Finally our landscape lighting can bring your entire yard into the “spotlight”. Shedding light on your yard can put the finishing touches on your landscape as well as deter burglars and provide well-lit walkways for those with disabilities or trouble seeing.

We encourage all types of projects. Your creativity can be brought to reality with the expertise at Michael J. Landscaping. Give us a call at 631-321-1888 or contact us for a Free Estimate!