Michael J. Landscaping is a professional landscaping company that has been serving the Islip area since 1991. We offer our services to a large portion of Long Island, maintaining lawns and installing irrigation under the care of our fine tuned “green thumb”. Islip Town believes in being a strong environmentally friendly place. The Town of Islip has a program involving its people to be aware of litter and such with the Keep Islip Clean Initiative. With the KIC (Keep Islip Clean) Program the community takes part in cleaning the streets, the parks, and the homes of Islip. Michael J. Landscaping has the capability to achieve this level of detail. Over 15 years of experience in everything landscaping, irrigation, and paving allows us to create a beautiful landscape custom to your needs.

Irrigation systems are the life force of a lawn and/or garden. A well planned out irrigation system makes the soil much richer and healthier and is a necessity for any lawn or garden. Michael J. Landscaping can install a state of the art irrigation system for your lawn and gardens to make them flourish. If you are planning on going green Michael J. Landscaping can accommodate. Michael J. Landscaping has extensive knowledge on how to make your home and garden grow efficiently.

In addition to landscaping our professional paving team can build state of the art cement driveways, elegant cobblestone driveways, or even a beautiful brick driveway if you are interested in a more rustic theme. We encourage all types of projects. Your creativity can be brought to reality with the expertise at Michael J. Landscaping. Give us a call at 631-321-1888 or email us with your inquiries at info@michaeljlandscaping.com. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!